We have always liked the idea of being able to help other people get on better terms with money. We realise that there are a lot of people that struggle with money and they may even hate it because they feel that it controls them. However, we feel that there are ways that you can make sure that money does not control you and this is by understanding it better and knowing how to manage it. We hope that this website provides information that will help to start everyone being able to do this. The articles have information about different things that we hope will really help people to start getting a good grasp of finance and money issues and understanding hat they might need to do in order to improve their situation. We include some easy methods which will hopefully get people started and then we hope they will learn more and make more changes and learn more so they will be better informed when making financial decisions and therefore make the right choices for us. Then we will feel more in control and be able to make sure that we are handling our money well and making all the right decisions as to when to spend, save and borrow.